Bucik met Prah in high school and Klemen was friend with Dan in high school, but those were two different high schools so they didn’t know each other. Then Bucik went to study architecture, but was still friend with Prah and Prah didn’t get into the Academy of fine arts so he went to a different school and he met Jure there but next year he got in to the Academy of fine arts and his classmates were Klemen, Pero and Medo, but Klemen, Pero and Medo met before when they took some drawing lessons and also Pero was in the same high school as Dan and Klemen but he was a year older. And then Dan also came to the Academy, but he was on a different department and he met Medo, Prah and Pero and then Jure came to visit Academy and he met Klemen, Medo, Pero and Dan and then Bucik came to see the exhibition at the Academy and met Klemen, Dan, Medo and Pero and then we had a picnic and Jure met Bucik and now we are all friends.

Then Jure went to Munich, Prah went to New York, Dan went to Eindhowen and Klemen to Amsterdam. Bucik, Medo and Stupica are still in Ljubljana, and we often collaborate on projects using design, photography, illustration and interaction.